Manhattan blast leaves 4 injured

12 December 2017

A man set off an improvised explosive device at New York City's commuter hub during the rush hour on Monday. Four people were injured during an attempted terrorist attack. Isabella, Australian tourist  said "It's very scary, very scary. I don't feel safe at all, but luckily it's our last day here. And we are visiting from Australia. So we are leaving today. So we are happy about that."

Lucy, Spanish tourist said "It's horrible. I don't know what to say. It's horrible. I'm on a holiday here. The next three is my family. It's very unlucky when I'm here."

A 27-year-old Bangladesh man detonated a low-tech bomb strapped to his body at around 7PM local time in an underground passageway near Times Square. However, the blast scared pedestrians and many tourists in the street.