Mental Health Policy: 2nd Workshop On Revision Of Mental Health Policy Held

4 September 2018

The 2nd Workshop on Revision of Mental Health Policy was held on Tuesday in Yangon. It was jointly organized by the Ministry of Health and Sports and Myanmar Mental Health Society with the support of HelpAge International.

This workshop included presentation on output of the 1st workshop and WHO guideline for Mental Health Policy as well as discussion on Vision, Mission, Contents, framework, National Strategies as well as action plan and activity under the draft Mental Health Policy 2019.

President, Myanmar Mental Health Society, Professor Tin Oo said “The Mental health policy has been applied since 1995 and it was revised for the 1st time in 2006. We revised the policy at our 1st workshop and got the draft policy 2019. Today, we together with psychiatrists, professors and doctors from the whole country reviewed the outcome of the 1st workshop – we also discussed the main points to perfect the draft Mental Health Policy. This also focused on the activities of prevention and protection process under the draft Policy. After perfecting, we will submit the draft policy to the related authority.”

A survey shows about 5 out of 1000 people suffer from the mental health and depression problems. 

Secretary General, Myanmar Mental Health Society, Professor Sun Lin said “We revised the Mental Health Policy based on the current situation - it’s to give the most effective treatment to patients. Now, mental health problems are increasing and mental health areas are expending in the 21st century. So we added awareness programmes targeted on young people to the Policy. Our Myanmar Mental Health Society has been doing our best for Mental Health Services.”

It is also learnt that more than 250 Myanmar psychiatrists are actively involved in academic activities, hospital-based and community-based mental health services, and international collaboration.