MMA LHWWC: Fight For One Light Heavyweight World Championship

21 February 2018

MMA Fighter middle weight champion Aung La N sang will face with Brazilian Heavyweight champion Alexandre Machado at the Thuwanna indoor stadium in Yangon.

One Championship returns again for another exciting world-class mixed martial arts action in Myanmar. The fighters met with media for the upcoming competition in Yangon, Tuesday.

Aung La N Sang affirmed that the supporting of the fans really give him the strength and confidence during the fight.

Champion, One Middleweight World Championship, Aung La N Sang said “I am very exciting for the waiting championship. I trained with the best trainer in Florida. I am gaining my weight for the fight. The competitor is really good athlete so I trained the top defense techniques for it. I guessed that I need to fight with him for 2nd or 3rd rounds to the fight. I have confidence for the championship.”

Alexandre Machado, ONE athlete said he trained in 6 weeks for fight and he has also prepared for both physical and psychological challenges and pressure that he will face during the fight. 

Champion, One Heavyweight World Championship, Alexandre Machado said “MMA is quiet unpredictable because there are a lot of techniques involved it. I was trained and prepared every possible technique for the fighting. There are lot of fans are out there for Aung La but I am confident about my fight and I have no pressure on it.”

The two fighters will fight for vacant ONE Light Heavyweight World Championship on February 23rd at Thuwunna Indoor Stadium.