Myanmar Baseball: Competition Marked Olympic Day Held In Yangon

28 May 2018

Myanmar Baseball Federation held its baseball competition to mark the Olympic day in Yangon, Sunday.

Myanmar All stars team comprised of experienced players and International All Stars teams took part in the competition. This competition is not only for the Olympic day but for the close season in the baseball game. The member from the federation explained about the rules of game before the competition.

President, Myanmar Baseball Federation, Aung Naing Oo said “As a federation, we keep trying to develop baseball games in Myanmar. The most people in Myanmar don’t know about the game so we are explained the audiences about the rules of baseball game before the competition. “

Baseball is very fun, and I like to let Myanmar young people know about baseball more, said coach from Myanmar all stares team.

Coach, Myanmar All stars team, Toru Iwasaki said “. I try to get the attention to Myanmar people - Baseball is the very fun and interesting sport. We are planning to introduce baseball to the public schools from this year. I hope Myanmar people may be interested to play the baseball by themselves.”

An international player who played in high school baseball games said this is like a practice with the Myanmar team and they also played on weekends also.

Player, Mick Amundson-Geisel said “I've been living here Myanmar for five years. I come here for the tournament. I am really excited I like to compete the baseball against the national team”.

Myanmar baseball federation gives the trainings for the players and new generation as to develop the baseball game among the Myanmar youths.