Myanmar-Thailand: Strengthening Further Partnership

6 July 2018

Thailand Ambassador shares knowledge on the ongoing Thailand-Myanmar Diplomatic Relations and plans for further partnership in Yangon on Friday.

This year, Myanmar and Thailand are now celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations through many activities, including cultural, film festival and investment seminar and workshop.

Retd. Ambassador, Wynn Lwin said "... We have very good relation with Myanmar and Thailand... It's sort of brotherly relations... As time goes on... this has been improve on time to time... especially with the border matters, border trade have been improving... much more thing will be improving in the future. We are going to have much more connectivity in the future...."

The Ambassador mentioned that many Thai businessmen are interested to invest in Myanmar, not only in the capital but also in other Regions and States.

Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, H.E. Jukr Boon-Long said "... we have more and more of Thai private sector interesting in doing business in Myanmar.... And then, its go beyond big cities like Yangon, Mandalay. We have investment in Kayin State, We have investment in Mon State. Now we just lead the delegation to Kayah State because they have an investment fair in Kayah State,... especially on tourism industry and also on agriculture and livestock....."

The Ambassador also stressed to have effective rules and regulations that can bring benefits to the foreign investors.

Ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, H.E. Jukr Boon-Long said "... I think one of the main concerns for the Thai is law and regulations... I know that the Myanmar government tries to come up with all the law and regulations conducive to foreign investors... And then, that will be many other laws in the pipe line. So we have to wait and be prepared for that......"

Myanmar is one of the top three trade partners of Thailand and the two countries’ trade and investments have been growing year by year.

Myanmar and Thailand trade volume has increased 51% compare with the previous year. So far this year, the import from Thailand has reached over 1.5 billion USD and the export from Myanmar also reached 950 million USD.