National Policy Dialogue : Equitable & All-Inclusive Development

18 June 2017

Apart from the addressing human rights and freedoms of expression, an appropriate policy framework from equitable and all inclusive socio-economic development in Myanmar were discussed at the National Policy Dialogue in Yangon, Sunday.

Since the country lagged behind in development compared with the neighbouring countries, the experts pointed out the need of decentralization systematically.

Meeting the development aspirations of far flung areas and remote areas, enhancing infrastructure and connectivity, improving the living conditions of people are the main issues for equality.

All-round development of the nation has to be carried out step-by-step, the economist stressed.

Economist , Khin Maung Nyo : This policy is the current government ambition and it is a good one. Previously, we emphasized economic development in our country but now we need to emphasize on equitable development for all regions. We need to take step by step all-inclusive development for our country equally development.

Regional authorities also pointed out to focus on the socio-economic gap in States and Regions.

They stressed to have understanding on evidences and challenges in addressing economic inequalities among the community level, government effort and role of private sector.

Member of Parliament , Mon State Constituency(12), Thiri Yadana : We are taking effort for the infrastructure developments in our region such as health, electricity, and transportation access. As we are Hluttaw representative selected by people, we need to make effort for the regional development and to fulfill the needs of local people.

 The Country Director of ActionAid Myanmar pointed out the role of media in contributing for inclusiveness development of the country as they can amplify the voices of both the Government and the citizen.

Country Director , ActionAid Myanmar , Shihab Uddin Abamad : “Media also can actually amplify that voice of the government as well as voice of the citizen. Media role gives the message give the whole country that the government, politician, business people are concerned about the inclusiveness development and concerned about the inequality the adjusting society and also coming with the solution. "

The recommendation from National Policy Dialogue will summit to all concerned ministries, the State Counsellor office, and the President office. Plans are underway to hold such a dialogue in other States and Regions.