New Facility: Danyinkone Wholesale Market Opened Its 1st Phase

30 January 2018

The new wholesale market for fruits, flowers and vegetables is now opened at DaNyinGone in Innsein Township on Tuesday. The market is jointly operated by Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Ltd and Yangon City Development Committee.

The market is being implemented in two phases on 82.78 acres wide land plot. The first phase is now completed, and let the vendors operate in the market building.

Upon completion of the next phase, about 9,000 shops are expected to be included in it.

All the shops of the market will be run with rental system, the CEO of Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Ltd said.

CEO, Myanmar Agro Exchange Public Ltd, Aung Kyi said “We rent the fruit whole sale shops by receiving three months advance payment and vegetable wholesale shops for two months advance payment. We don’t ask the retail sellers to pay advance payment for hiring. We let them sell here since December 26th.”

The rental price of the shops ranges from 51,000 kyats to 125,000 kyat per month. The sellers are provided with full security, water and electricity supply by the operators.

The sellers are happy with the new facility, but said the rental price is a little bit expensive and the market is currently not crowded as much as they expected.

Seller, Aye Mi said “It’s a good market that they provide us water, electricity supply and security. But the rental price is a little bit expensive for us as we couldn’t sell as much as we expected here. I wish to have the rental price at about 30,000 kyat per month.”

The whole project of the market is expected to complete in 2019 and 99.8 billion kyats is targeted to spend for it. The Phase 1 was implemented by spending 25 billion kyats which was invested by over 2000 shareholders.