New Market Place: Street Vendors Are Allocated At 52nd Street Market

5 January 2018

52nd street market was launched on Thursday.

It was the 2nd market after night market on Strand Road opened by the YCDC. It aims to reduce traffic congestion due to vendors on pedestrian area.

YCDC listed vendors near Pazundaung market (Yay Kyaw) and along the Anawrahta road and relocated them at 52nd street market.

People find it convenient to visit since it is situated in downtown Yangon.

Visitor, Myint Myint Maw said “I think it is more convenient for the visitor as it is situated in downtown and nearer than Strand Road night market. It will be more crowded and popular later.”

There are about 140 market stalls. Although charges are not confirmed yet, 15,000 kyat for day and 20,000 kyat for night have to pay initially for smart card.

Some shop owners also complaint for not getting enough space.

Owner, Tea Shop, Nyunt Wai said “Actually I got a problem related to space. As a shop’s width is 8ft around, it is not big enough to place chairs and tables for customers. So although water, electricity and toilet access are available here, space is the difficulty I am encountering.”

Day time market stalls are opened from 6 am to 11am and night time ones are opened from 3pm to 11pm. Flower, meat and vegetable are sold in the day time and food stalls are mostly at night.