New York adds 1,500 more sidewalk barriers after vehicle attacks

3 January 2018

New York City will install more than 1,500 new barrier posts on sidewalks and plazas to protect pedestrians from vehicles. The safety measure is taken after at least two instances last year of drivers killing people after mounting the curb, said the Mayor of New York City yesterday.     

BILL DE BLASIO, NEW YORK CITY MAYOR said "I want to tell you these are the most cowardly kind of attacks - when someone with a vehicle plows into a group of innocent pedestrians. It's disgusting. But we know there are some out there who mean to do us evil and we will protect against it. It's also important to recognize that sometimes... We've seen tragedies that were not based on the attack. We've seen cars that just spun out of control or reckless drivers or someone who, God forbid, had a heart attack while driving. We've seen cars go into pedestrian areas. We want to make sure in some of the most heavily traveled areas of the city that these bollards protect against those kinds of tragedies as well."