Outstanding Performance: President Conferred Thura Title to 5 Soldiers

4 January 2018

A Ceremony to present Thura Title to those who served for the country bravely was held at the Presidential Palace in Nay Pyi Taw on Thursday.

President U Htin Kyaw and State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi attended the ceremony together with the Vice Presidents, the Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Services, the Union Ministers and senior officials.

The President presented the Thura Title to 5 Awardees who showed great courage in the battle.

One of the Awardees, Lt-Col. Zaw Lwin Soe expressed his experiences occurred in the battle and feelings of receiving this title.

Thura Title Recipient from No.386 Light Infantry Unit Lt-Col. Zaw Lwin Soe said "I am so glad to receive this title as it means I was acknowledged for fighting bravely and expertly together with my partners for the country’s peace and sustainability. As I am a Tatmadaw member, we are the ones who also want to have peace in the country."

Colonel Zayar Tun was awarded the Thura Title for his skillful performance in the military operation in Mong Koe area.

Thura Title Recipient from No.34 Bomb Squadron, Namsang Air Base Col. Zayar Tun said "I have assisted in fighting against the enemy together with our air force. I am so glad that I was honoured by the state with this Thura Title. I would like to urge our air force brothers to do as what they have practiced and cooperate with our partner forces."

The family member of Lance Corporal Ye Nwan is proud for his brother and so do the family member of Lance Corporal Myo Chit.

The two Lance Corporals who fall in the battle was posthumously honoured the bravery award in 2017.

Han Kaung, brother of Lance Corporal Ye Nwan said "We were very sad to hear that my younger brother has fallen in the battle. But we are so proud of him and thrilled to hear that he wins the Thura award that is honoured by the state. We assume that this award represents all the soldiers fought together with my brother in the battle."

Bo Thein, father of Lance Corporal Myo Chit said "I am so proud of my son as he saved the country by scarifying his life. I am so glad that he was honoured with the Thura Title by the state. I will make good deed for him."

Lance Corporal Tun Tun from No.(386) Light Infantry Unit who participated in the battle as a gunman also won Thura award.

Thura Title Recipient from No.386 Light Infantry Unit Lance Corporal Tun Tun said "I am so pleased to receive this Thura Award. I could seize the enemy’s camp. It was my special occasion. I could break in the enemy’s area where my friends couldn’t do."

The outstanding people who have served the best for the country are honoured Thura Bravery Awards on the Independence Day yearly.