Paying Homage: President In Kachin State

13 January 2018

President U Htin Kyaw and wife and party visited PutaO of Kachin State on Friday.

They were welcomed at the airport by the Kachin State Chief Minister and officials and local people.

The President and party later proceeded to MachanBaw Township and viewed around the GuuBar Guest House situated on the bank of Malikha River.

They later paid homage to KaungHmuLone Ceti near KaungHmuLone Village. The Head of District Religious Department explained the history of the Pagoda. The President and wife also donated cash to the pagoda’s board of trustees.

KaungHmuLone Pagoda is about 9 miles from PutaO, and situated on the eastern bank of Malikha River in MachanBaw Township. The Pagoda was built in 244 Religious Era by the mission sent by King Sri Dhamma Soka. Three relics of Buddha were enshrined in the Pagoda which has 7 yards height at that time. The Pagoda is now over 2300 years.