"Peaceful Myanmar": Annual Photo Competition Marked Independence Day

5 January 2018

Art of "Peaceful Myanmar" was brought by local photographers by marking the 70th Anniversary Independence Day.

The annual activity of photo competition was conducted by the Information and Public Relations Department together with the Myanmar Photographic Society, MPS. And the prize awarding ceremony was held in Yangon on Friday.

The theme for this year is "Peaceful Myanmar" aiming to promote the aspect of rich tradition and culture, believing that the matters make the country peaceful and prosperous.

More than 1,200 photos from 261 photographers were received for this year, the MPS said; more photographers come to participate in the competition year after year.

PRESIDENT, MYANMAR PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, THAN TUN OO said “We want the world to know rich culture, development affairs as well as peace and prosperity our country through these photos.”

Photographer Min Min Tun received the first prize for his artwork on Myanmar Orchestra. He also received 500,000 kyat of cash prize for the first place.

Second and third prizes account for 350,000 kyat and 200,000 kyat respectively, while 100,000 kyat each for 5 more special awardees.

AWARD WINNER (FIRST PRIZE), MIN MIN TUN said “As a photographer, I would like to prefer about culture and heritage of Myanmar. I believe this is the best way to make the world to recognize Myanmar, like tourism sector as we can draw attention of the tourists through photos.”

These photos are intended to use for government level releases such as poster, motto, letter and so on. Moreover, they will also be placed at Community centre of every township's Information and Public Relations office so that public can enjoy.