People’s Parliament: Discussions Focused On Taxation And Amendment Bills

13 June 2018

The second people’s parliament holds its 14th day of 8th regular session on Wednesday and replied the questions and discussed the motion.

The representatives asked 6 star marked questions including holding economic conference participated by the national and international experts and formulating actually achievable strategy, the clarification for using the words of Zero Line, Zero Line Area, No Man Land appeared on Myanmar Alin Newspaper issued on 21st February, 2018 and arrangement to allow no one in the Zero Line Area.

The representatives discussed the motion put by the representative of WetLet constituency urged the union government to collect the taxes transparently and systematically to acquire all receivable taxes fully for the state.

The secondly revised Myanmar Pearl Law submitted by the ministry of natural resources and environmental conservation is sought the decision of the parliament. The amendment proposal regarding with The Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Lands Management bill (2017) was discussed and sought the decision of the parliament.