People’s Parliament: Raised Digital Economy & See Reform

7 September 2018

The second People’s Parliament held its 16th day of 9th regular session Friday and discussed digital economy and reform of state-owned economic enterprise.
Members of the Parliament raised easy access of loans for the SMEs while alleviating the limitations, action plan for registration and revenues of digital economy, the rights and responsibilities of tender committee and annual report on black listed construction companies, access of 47th street between AnawRahta and Maha Bandoola roads in Yangon Region, the delayed construction project of  Yangon-Dala bridge for Korea-Myanmar friendship, as well as construction of creek-crossing bridge in Minbu Sagu within 2018-2019 fiscal year.
The Parliament's Health and Sports Development Committee submitted its report for further discussions. Moreover, the Parliament discussed Myanmar Traditional Medicine Council Bill and Child Rights Bill.
Members of the Parliament held detailed discussions regarding the proposal for inclusive reform project and strategy for the diversity and harmony of State-Owned Economic Enterprises.