People's Parliament: Questions On Disabilities, Township Manual, Elimination Of Drug Abuses

15 November 2017

The second people's parliament continues its 12th day of regular session on Wednesday.
The session was convened in 9 agendas and the representatives asked the star marked questions such as mitigation of disabilities, the assistance and protection carrying out for them and acceleration of the tasks, Necessary guidelines for the publishing of books on Township manuals, the ward administrators and municipal staffs to take action against those who squat in the land plots as a business, The elimination of drug abuse and drug trafficking increasing alarmingly in the villages based on island and fishery working sites along the coastal townships of Taninthayi Region.

The representative of Theinni constituency put forward the move of first aids for children and the investment in the child development works and strategic plans for the nursery education and 6 representatives discussed on it.