Plantations Inundated: Untimely Heavy Rain Damaged The Winter Crops

5 January 2018

Untimely rain in Magwe Region left inundation to the plantations along Yaw and Kyaw Creeks.

Locals in Pauk Township mainly cultivate peanut, onion and potato as the winter crops.

Due to consecutive rain from December 31st to January 4th, the plantations were destroyed and the farmers are facing about 100 million kyats losses.

Onion Grower, MonKone Village, Htay Lwin said “We faced many losses due to the untimely rainfall. I have spent about 2 million kyats for cultivation cost. It will be about 100 million kyats losses for the whole village.”

The plantations have been cultivated during the third week of December, and it costs about 2 million kyats for each plantation.

Some farmers have to get loan for cultivation cost by selling the livestock animals and borrowing money.

Farmer, Win Kywe said “Since the plantations are inundated, it will be difficult for our livelihood condition. We have to spend about 2 million to 2.5 million kyats for each plantation. We also have to take loan for it. It all gone with the flood. I don’t know how to survive this situation.”

Local farmer said “We rely on these creeks for our livelihood. This incident caused a lot of damages to the village. As for me, I have spent over a million kyats for my plantation. I have to pay 5% interest for the loan. I don’t know how to pay it back.”

There are 71 Wards and Village-tract and 235 villages in Pauk Township. Most of the villagers grow the plantations along Yaw and Kyaw Creeks. According to the statistics of the Township Agriculture Department, there are 743 acres of peanut plantations, 1790 acres of potato and onion plantations, totaling 2533 acres.