Press Conference: Professional Development Conference To Organize

11 August 2017

The professional Development Conference is going to be held at Sule Shangri-La Hotel in Yangon from 26th to 29th September. The announcement was made at the press conference held on Friday.

The conference will be brought by professionals from Singapore in conjunction with Trust synergy International Pte Ltd in Myanmar. It aims to attract all managers, heads of departments, C-level executives and entrepreneurs who need the skills, knowledge and experience to help take Myanmar economy to the next level.

Senior Associate, Decision Processes International (DPI),FT Liu  said “Back in 2016, the Prime Minister of Singapore Mr. Lee Siang Lon visited Myanmar for three days and at the end of the three days he announced to back in Singapore that there is a need for Myanmar to catch up with all the rest of the countries in Myanmar and he hopes that we can from Singapore we can help our skills, knowledge and experience shared with the professionals in Myanmar so that they now can help take their economy to the next level. So that is the beginning of the reason of why we decided to organize this conference.”

A group of 35 Singaporean professionals from a wide range of sectors will share their skills and knowledge on the given topic. The participants will get a chance to ask them questions about their offering as well. The conference will focus on four tracks: Management, Finance, Technical and Education.

Senior Associate, Decision Processes International (DPI), FT Liu said “We have basically targeted four market segments in Myanmar. Number one the multi-national sectors operating over in Myanmar. The second group will be Singapore companies that are operating in Myanmar some of them are big and some of them are like  the banks DPS, UOB and so on are here and Singapore airlines obviously has an office here. And then the third group will be the top 200 companies in Myanmar and then finally we have four groups which are basely the government agencies.”

This is the first step towards a long term strategic relationship. The Trust Synergy is committed to bring even more professionals from Singapore to support the rapid economic development of Myanmar.