Prize Presenting: Schools Awarded Prizes Of Sanitation Week

11 August 2017

Ministry of Health and Sports organized Sanitation week of Health Department in cooperation with Ministry of Education and presented the prizes to the schools in Yangon region on Friday.

During the prize presenting ceremony, the best clean services award was presented to the schools which are excellent in the hygienic and sanitation works.

Deputy Head  of Health Dept, Ministry of Health and Sports (YGN), Dr. Htay Lwin  said “We inspected based on 9 steps of school heath cares such as personal hygiene, Toilets, School food stall and water supply system in the school area. These health care tasks are very important for the school. Today, we presented the certificate of the best cleaning school and the school of good education achievement. Today, we presented over 90 prizes and 11 certificates to the schools.” 

The award winning school Principle explains about the School cleaning tasks and Students' personal hygienic practices. 

Principal, B.E.H.S (2), Latha, Dr .Theingi Kyaw said “We strictly follow the process of school's healthcare services and care the students. Before the sanitation week of healthcare, we inspect the students in cooperation with Ministry of Health and Sports.  In the process of this sanitation week health care, the officials select the schools which follow the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Sports. Every year we have achieved the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize. This time we won the 1st prize.” 

About 300 participants including the officials from the ministry of health and sports and ministry of education, principals of the schools and the invited guests attended the ceremony.