Productivity Improvement: Seminar For Executive Of Manufacturing And Services Industries

13 August 2017

Japan Productivity Center (JPC), Ministry of Industry and UMFCC jointly organized Seminar for Executive level at Shwelinban industrial zone management office, in Yangon.

The seminar is aimed for improving productivity and maintaining the vitality of Myanmar economy. With the support of Japan-ASEAN Integrate Fund (JAIF) project, Myanmar Productivity Center was founded in 2016 for capacity building of human resources development organization – it’s for productivity improvement. The Japan Productivity Center (JPC) is a non-profit organization. The JPC also actively supports industries and public sector organizations in such areas as management innovation, modernization of labor-management relations and human resources development in Myanmar.

Counsellor, Japan Productivity Center, ATSUO AKNAI said “Founded in 1955, Japan Productivity Center works for productivity and quality promotion as well as cooperation and discussions with consultants for labors and management. We also provide assistance for Myanmar Productivity Center (MPC). These executive level staffs are very eager to learn. Myanmar still needs infrastructure development to compare with neighboring countries and in AEC.”

The experts from Japan Productivity Center highlight productivity seminars for companies, introducing Japanese productivity improvement method, management role, abstract of safety and productivity movement of Japan. 

Project Manager, Japan Productivity Center, NATSUMI NOMOTO said “We founded productivity centers in Myanmar and Brunei with the support of JAIF. Myanmar Productivity Center works for productivity promotion to develop the the country’s economy. Such a seminar like this is important for productivity working process. Productivity and manufacturing project has made some changes in the industry – it also involves drawing action plans for industrial development.”

Manager, Shwenayar Co., Ltd., Aung Min said “We learned a lot from this seminar – some facts are really necessary and important. Our company manufactures air compressors and machine spare parts. Some are imported from China and we distribute. We need capacity building. I will share what I learnt from this seminar with my colleagues and workers.”

Japanese experts will also organize manufacturing and services industries seminars – there will be different sessions for executive, manager, vocational trainer and staff.