Public Transportation: MCDC Takes Action On Illegal Bus Lines

17 December 2017

Mandalay authorities found bus lines using for public transportation illegally in Aung Myay Thar Zan township.

The case was reported to the Mandalay City Development Committee by the public around the area.

It has been handled by the authorities since November 24th to be safety of public transportation as well as to solve traffic congestion partly.

ADMINISTRATOR, THIRI MINGALAR HIGHWAY BUS STATION (MCDC), KYI WIN said “We have found that their ticket selling counters received goods to transfer. Some lines run as they want and didn't enter into gates. For those cases, public reported to us because it makes traffic congestion and harmful for their safety.”

Challenges were also encountered in the case of demanding for extra charge.

They are filed by the Police Force of MCDC and 2 cases have been filed so far. Penalties also applied 30,000 kyats for each vehicles which have 3 tons and above by the Tax Department.

POLICE LT., THIRI MINGALAR HIGHWAY BUS STATION (MCDC), KYAW MYO NAING said “They are not registered for the license which means they are running illegally. Now we can say the illegal things are mostly gone. With the benefit of it, people don't need to spend for extra charge.”

Similar actions are also conducted at the Pyi Gyi Myet Shin Gate, Maha Aung Myay, Chan Myae Thar Si as well as Amarapura townships, the officials said.