Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair in full swing

25 May 2018

The 21st Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair has witnessed remarkable turnout by North Korea citizens. Foreign guests and diplomats opened the trade fair on Monday at the Three-Revolution Exhibition House. More than 260 different companies from North Korea, China, Iran, Mongolia, Vietnam, Syria and other countries brought their cutting-edge, high-tech products such as electronics, metal, machines, agricultural products, foodstuff and other daily necessities. Foreign exhibitors and officials said the exhibition offers a unique business opportunity.

 Employee, Iranian Food Company, Arsalan Ghasemi said "The Korean market is going to expand business and I think this is a good chance for the foreigners to come to invest in [the Democratic People's Republic of] Korea. Our main goods is the food and agriculture sector and here this market needed these type of goods."

The trade fair was initiated as an annual event in 1998. But since 2005, it has been held in the spring and autumn respectively each year. It is the largest international exhibition in the country.