Qatar visa move aims to decrease diplomatic row’s impact on economy: researcher

11 August 2017

A researcher said on Thursday, Qatar's recent move to grant visa-free entry for nationals of 80 countries aimed at decreasing the impact of its diplomatic row with Saudi Arabia and other regional nations.

Researcher, Brookings Doha Center , Adel Abdel Ghafar said  "They also changed some of the visa laws to allow for people to come and visit the country. (They) also changed some of the immigration laws, granting permanent residency to some long-standing residents who have been born here, but do not have residencies. All these moves are designed to create confidence in the Qatari economy and Qatari society because expatriates here in Qatar play a very big part in the economy and in society."

  The Qatari government has taken a series of measures, like adjusting imports and exports and easing immigration control, to keep itself afloat.  According to a researcher, he believed the crisis cannot be resolved in a short term. One of the reasons is the conflicting message the United States has sent regarding the issue.