Rakhine Situation: More Cooperation Needed To Solve The Issue

17 November 2017

The situation of Rakhine State was discussed by the local Researcher in Yangon on Friday.

Visiting Senior Fellow from Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) U Ye Htut discussed the history of Rakhine State crisis and terrorist attacks. He also highlighted the security challenges, drug cases, national verification card and efforts for peace and stability. 

Visiting Senior Fellow, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Ye Htut said “We need to overcome the worry and should discuss vividly on Rakhine issue. We have many challenges to solve the Rakhine issue. We should collect the data of the desire of Rakhine national races and should emphasize for their benefits. We should listen to their voices. Firstly, we should take priority to the security. Security and rule of law is very important in this region.”

The discussion was organized by T Community which is one of the local organizations. The event intends to discuss on the Rakhine situation from different point of views.

Spokesperson, T Community, Myo Min Thu said “I expect from this event, we will get some of the facts for Rakhine situation and it could help in solving this issue. I think we need to choose to the right track to solve Rakhine situation.”

Attendees also pointed out that Rakhine issue is now becoming an international issue, and it needs time to get the solution.

1st Year (Political Science), Yangon University, Aung Thiha Zaw said “I got a lot of knowledge from this seminar. I have learnt Rakhine issue from the experienced researcher. I accept his sharing knowledge as he collected many data than ideology. We are now facing international pressure so I think that we need to take time to solve this problem.”

The Researcher stressed the need to make more cooperation among the Government, Myanmar Police Force and the Military in solving this situation.