Rakhine State Situation: Diplomats’ Visit To Maungtaw Area

11 October 2017

Union Minister at the State Counsellor Office U Kyaw Tint Swe and party together with the diplomats from five neighbouring countries and journalists visited Rakhine State on Tuesday. In Sittwe, the Union Minister said the visit aims to explain the suspending of the military operation in the area, national verification process, implementations of security, health, education, livelihoods and transportation of the displaced people and coordination with Bangladesh for repatriation of those who fled there.

The Union Ministers and party later went to AnaukPyin Village where Islam community is residing without fleeing their homes. They met with the villagers, and explained the conditions of providing security measures and humanitarian assistance, national verification process and repatriation of those who fled Bangladesh. They also urged them to live in their place of origin peacefully. The villagers also presented the difficulties they faced, and also replied the queries raised by the diplomats and journalists.

The Union Ministers and party also met with about 1000 Muslims near LayYinPyanKwin Village, and over 700 Islams people gathering near the border fence who are going to leave for Bangladesh. Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe said there that there is no military operation since September 5th, and urged them to go back to their villages. He also pledged to provide humanitarian assistance and security measures.

The Bangladesh Ambassadors and a diplomat also said that coordination has been made for repatriation of those who fled to Bangladesh. They pointed out that those in refugee camps are facing difficulties in foods and shelters, and urged them to go back to their homes. The Union Ministers also pledged to provide health, education and rehabilitation measures if they wish to go back homes. The diplomats and journalists also asked them the reason to leave their homes, and whether they received humanitarian assistance or not.

On arrival at PanTawPyin Village, the Union Ministers asked about the damages caused by the terrorists. They said the Government will rebuild if there are any damaged houses. They added that national verification process will be implemented in line with the law. The Government is also providing humanitarian assistance, and urged them to go back to their homes.

At Maungtaw District General Administration Office, the official reported on the conditions of terrorist attacks.

In NgaKhuYa Village, the Union Ministers and party met with Rakhine Nationals, Hindus and Muslims, and asked about the security measures and humanitarian assistance. They also explained the arrangements for rehabilitation measures, and national verification process.

In KhonTaing Village, the Union Minister met with Mro nationals and pledged for rebuilding of the village, and providing relief measures.

During the trip, Union Minister U Kyaw Tint Swe said that repatriation process will be implemented in line with the bilateral agreement made in 1992-1993. Although there are about 100,000 people who fled there, only those who actually lived in Myanmar will be repatriated. This kind of incident use to happened between the neighbouring countries. Myanmar faced two times of this incident so far after the independence, and it has been resolved based on mutual understanding and respect.