Regional Development: Four New Villages Under Construction In Maungtaw

7 December 2017

Border Areas and National Races Development Affairs Department is constructing four new villages for Mro ethnics in Maungtaw District.

Khonhtaing (Mro) village in northern Maungtaw region and 2 miles from the base of Mayyu Mountain was burnt and destroyed by more than 400 ARSA extremist terrorists on the afternoon of 28 August. 7 villagers were killed and 5 wounded during the incident. Remaining villagers had to flee to safe areas.

The new Kontaing village will be situated about 1and a half mile from May Yu Mountain beside Maungtaw-TaungPyo Road.  48 single storey buildings will be built and each house worth 7 million kyats. The new Khontaing Village project is targeted to complete at the end of this fiscal year. The project will include a traditional

Mro house, a multiple use hall, a clinic, a school, a monastery, and a market as well.

The department is also developing other three villages including Kyaukpandu and NantYarKaing in Maungtaw District and Zeton Village in Buthidaung.  It is estimated to spend 32.5 million kyats for each village. The department has so for constructed 39 new villages in Maungtaw area of Rakhine State.