Rescue worker hails cave rescue operations a 'miracle' and 'success'

3 July 2018

Rescue worker and U.S. Air Force Captain Jessica Tait hailed the cave rescue operation in Thailand a success on Monday (July 2). Twelve boys and their assistant soccer coach were found alive inside a Thai cave complex nine days after they went missing on June 23. It remains unclear whether any of the group are injured or in need of medical attention. 

RESCUE WORKER, JESSICA TAIT said  "You know that I would say that everyone had a very tough time here, you think about the rescue workers, the volunteers, you know the military, you had obviously it's a multi-national rescue effort and it's led to a success. So, like I don't even think my role is tough, when I see all of Thailand here you know putting everything that they have in order to rescue these kids and look - a miracle like you said."