Researchers' Convenience: Website For Myanmar Health Research Registry Established

8 January 2018

A website for Myanmar health research registry was established by the Department of Medical Research to provide researchers' convenience in registration process.

The website highlights to record new research findings, and to promote post graduate researchers as well.

The one-stop database website is aimed to support reducing unnecessary duplication of research based on different medical fields; making communication easier and more transparency between researchers of different medical fields.

An opportunity of "knowledge sharing" among researchers online through the website will be ensured, the department said; medicine related businesses are also welcomed for further information.

It's also learnt that Clinical trial research registry will also be added later on.

DIRECTOR (RESEARCH), DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, DR. MOH MOH HTUN said “It aims to reduce duplication with other researchers. MHRR will focus on online registration at first. We also welcome post graduate researchers. Later we will launch a new program for clinical trial research registry online.”

The union budget allowed one billion kyat for this 2017/2018 fiscal year for medical research. The National Health Research Policy was launched by the cabinet recently.

The website address is www.mhrr-mohs.com.