Robotics engineer Barbie joins the girls who code

27 June 2018

Barbie is venturing into coding skills in her latest career as a robotics engineer. The new doll, launched on Tuesday (June 26), aims to encourage girls as young as seven to learn real coding skills, toymaker Mattel said. It was developed by the kids game-based computing platform Tynker. Robotics engineer Barbie comes with six free Barbie-inspired coding lessons designed to teach logic, problem solving and the building blocks of coding. The lessons show girls, for example, how to build robots, get them to move at a dance party, or do jumping jacks. Tynker co-funder Krishna Vedati said in a statement that the company's mission to empower youth worldwide made Barbie an ideal partner "to help us introduce programming to a large number of kids in a fun engaging way."