Royal Procession: Buddha’s Sacred Hair Relic To Be Toured For Public Reverence

14 February 2018

Buddha's First Sacred Hair Relic at the Botataung Pagoda will be toured around the city by royal procession for the public reverence.

The tour plan is initiated around 42 townships of Yangon Region, apart from Dagon and Seikkan townships, by taking as an opportunity of renovating better strength to the Diamond-bud, Jewelled-vane and ornamental Umbrella of the Pagoda.

According to the arrangement by the board of trustee and the Yangon Regional Government, the royal procession will be started on 2nd March from TaikKyi township, and it will be brought back to the pagoda on 12th April.

The Diamond-bud consists of more than 2,000 diamonds based on the analysis by an expert group of Jewelry, supported by the Regional Government. Further analysis will also be conducted to Jewelled-vane and ornamental Umbrella.

HEAD OF OFFICE, BOARD OF TRUSTEE, KYAW NAING HTUN said “So many arrangements have to be engaged such as security and religious affairs. Donations will also be followed. As of being Buddha's sacred hair relic, we will have to be careful and follow the guidelines of the Regional Government.”

It's learnt that the new Diamond-bud, Jewelled-vane and ornamental Umbrella will be placed atop the pagoda on the full moon day of Kasone.