Safer Transportation: Inland Water Transport (IWT) Giving Training

20 March 2018

The Inland Water Transport (IWT) is training its staff with a great effort to provide better and safer transportation services for passengers.

 The Inland Water Transport (IWT) is one of the state owned transport enterprises under the Ministry of Transport and Communications. As a leading river transport enterprise, it operates a range of services for the secure and smooth transportation in Myanmar.

The Inland Water Transport (IWT) gives training twice a year to reinforce the skills of the staff for better and safer transportation services.

Head, Department of Inland Water Transport, Aung Than Myaing said "This training covers safe transportation and emergency situation courses. There are 2 main categories on safe transportation: hard and soft components. Hard component is maintenance of the vessels - soft component is skills training and helping the staff and passengers improve their general knowledge." 

This 1 and a half month long training covers 12 chapters such as life saving, fire fighting and 10 others. A vessel run by (IWT) can carry 1200 passengers at most and is fully equipped with life jackets, life boats and circular lifebuoys.

Officer, Delta Region (IWT), Myint Swe said "We can share our knowledge and experiences through this training course. We have to practice for real rather than the theory we learned so that we can make the right decision in emergency situations. This training is really helpful."

As part of the training, the IWT officials demonstrate the right way to use life jacket, holding knowledge sharing sessions and many more with the passengers and staff.