Saving Lives: Volunteers Participate In Shwedagon Pagoda Blood Donation

13 August 2017

The 30th annual blood donation ceremony organized by charity members and voluntary blood donors took place at Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon, on Sunday.

This is the 30th times blood donations. The blood donation ceremony use to hold three times a year since 2007. The Secretary of blood donation organizing committee expects over 600 blood to participate in the event.

SECRETARY, 30TH BLOOD DONATION ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, TIN TIN AYE said “The aim of our blood donation is to save the lives those who are really needed for blood. This time we expect over 600 of blood units. We will hand over to all these blood units to Yangon General Hospital and from there; the blood units will contribute to other necessary places. We, charity members and volunters are very happy to organize for such kinds of donations. We also prepared medicines, eggs, milks, bananas and soft dinks to the blood donors.”

One of the donors expressed her felling that she is very satisfied to save life of patients with her blood.

DONOR, THAZIN WIN said “I’m very happy to come and join for annual blood donation ceremony. I’ve already been donated about 5times…it was really great to participate in the blood donation. Before the blood donation, I have prepared to donate blood such as having sound sleep, enough weight and many other things. So, I feel very satisfied to myself.”

Since the time for blood donation in 2007, it was received over 20,000 pure and fresh blood unit bags till last year.