SEAMEO Chat: 2-Day Governing Board Meeting Holding In Yangon

6 September 2018

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Centre for History and Tradition (SEAMEO CHAT) began its 2-day Governing Board Meeting on Thursday in Yangon.

SEAMEO was founded in 1965 and Myanmar became a member country in 1997. SEAMEO CHAT was established in Myanmar in 2000. There are 11 SEAMEO’s member countries – 10 ASEAN countries and Timor-Leste. SEAMEO has 24 specialist centers undertaken training and research in the fields of Education, Science and Culture. The Governing Board Members of regional centers suggest, support and give opinions on activities, projects and programs of each centre through annual meetings.

Director, SEAMEO CHAT, Khin Lay Soe said “This is the 17th Governing Board Meeting of SEAMEO CHAT and representatives from the member countries except Timor-Leste attended the meeting. All programs and activities performed by SEOMO CHAT in the year 2017-18 will be reported at the meeting. We will present what we did and outcomes of them as we already submit the activities and programs to be carried out in last year meeting. The proposal on what we will do in the next 3 years will also be submitted so that Governing Board Members of regional centers can make decisions and approvals.”

SEAMEO CHAT plans to hold an international conference regarding water tradition in the near future and an impromptu talk on how to make history interesting in December this year to mark the 18th anniversary of SEAMEO CHAT. The 2-day meeting will be held until the 7th of September.