Shopkeepers' Protest: Shopkeepers On Protest Against New Market Building

11 August 2017

The shopkeepers from Ahlone market stage protest against the construction of new market which will be built with the permission of YCDC in 2016-17 fiscal years. 

The construction of the market was permitted in the 2016-2017 fiscal year as two-storey building. But Immediately, the construction turned out to be a three-storey building. The shopkeepers think that there is no transparency so that they hold the protest with aiming to demand to justice on the shop owners, against the three storey building and to get back original slots of shops.

San Win said “According to the officials from YCDC’s market department, they will build the Ahlone market as two storey building that we have already accepted. However, they suddenly changed their plan to three storey building without our agreement. We protest against the officials from the YCDC’s market department for not keeping their words.”

The shopkeepers worry about the customers who will easily buy things only at the ground floor of the market and be burden to step up to the upper floor where the current shopkeepers will be placed. 

Shopkeeper, Myint Myint Soe said “We want to sell our commodities and green grocer at the ground level of the market. After the three storey building has finished, we all will have to sell our commodities at the upper floor of the market. If it so, the buyers can’t reach to us because they will buy their needy things on the ground floor. And also we have difficulties to get manual workers to carry our goods.” 

The ground floor of the old market was over 200 shops, but the shop owners will be allotted at ground and upper floor at the new building. The shopkeepers are unhappy for the new arrangement. Currently, the construction was at break and the shopkeepers sell their products on the street.