SME Development : Capacity Building And Business Acceleration Workshop

19 June 2017

In order to enhance the capacity, capability and performance to be regionally competitive of Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs development department and EDNA (Myanmar) jointly organized Entrepreneurship capacity building and business accelerating plan at Business Incubation Center in Yangon, Monday.

The workshop is intended to implement two years plan in entrepreneur's development strategy project for the staff from SMEs.

15 SME departments in States and Regions and extended 38 District offices across the country.

Director General , SMEs Development Department , Aye Aye Win: We expand the capacity building for our staffs in cooperation with international organizations. We extended it in our departments in provision for the framework in line with the rules and regulations. On the other hand, we conduct the SEMs entrepreneurship training, financial management, supply change and logistic, business plan and idea platform from the states and regions entrepreneurs with the cooperation of other organizations.

EDNA Myanmar conducting training program in business through education and business development initiatives, instruction and market network for SMEs development with the support of LIFT since 2014. 

Founder & Advisor , EDNA Myanmar , Kyi Kyi Nyein : As our EDNA (Myanmar) is teaching the entrepreneurs development (TOT) training from SMEs department and Ministry of Commerce. We also plan the entrepreneurship education and enterprise development for the staffs based on the international guidelines. We have two parts, first is to support for the staffs in order to provide business development and provide for the entrepreneurs development. The second one is the survey and research program so as to policy recommendation paper to the staffs with the support of the foreign experts.

50 staffs from SME department of States and Regions joined this capacity building and business accelerating workshop.

Trainee , Su Su San : I joined the training of capacity building program in order to support the business development and systematic management for our entrepreneurs. We have learnt for the entrepreneur’s encouragement as strategy, strong point, products market segment, management and accounting, income and outcome.

So far, there are over 60000 SMEs registered from across the country. SMEs department is going to train for 3000 entrepreneurs from States and Regions during the two years.