South Korea’s ice hockey coach says it is tough to be used for political reasons

23 January 2018

The head coach of South Korea's women ice hockey team Sarah Murray said yesterday it was tough to have the team be used for political reasons. The coach said it as the North and South Koreas agreed to field a joint team in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Twelve players would be added to the existing South Korean women's squad of 23 with at least three North Korean players selected for each match. But the decision to field a unified team has been sparking a backlash in South Korea.   

S. KOREAN ICE HOCKEY TEAM HEAD COACH, SARAH MURRAY  said "It's a tough situation to have our team be used for political reasons, but it's kind of something that's bigger than ourselves right now. We're dealing with it the best we can and we know that we have no control. So why stress about it? Why worry about it? We even talk to our players to don't complain about it. Because it's a just negative energy. It's going to make you feel worse. It's going to make you play worse. So just focus on what you can control. We are going to do our best."