Sports Physiotherapy: 3-Day Seminar Held In Yangon

28 January 2018

The opening ceremony of Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Nursing Seminar was held at the Training Hall of Sports and Physical Education Institute in Yangon on Sunday.

The seminar is held by the collaboration of Ministry of Health and Sports and SingHealth Group, Singapore. The Principal of Sports and Physical Education Institute, U Soe Aung and the Sports Physiotherapist from Singapore General Hospital, Mr. Kelvin gave the opening remarks respectively.

Staffs from the Ministry of Health and Sports joined the seminar, and they will work as the sports nurses for Myanmar team at coming ASEAN University Games.

Consultant, Ministry of Health and Sports, Dr. Myat Lay Sein said “The attendees will learn about ways to handle the emergency cases, the use of nursing aids and rehabilitation process, step by step. They are being lectured to be sent as sport nurses to ASEAN University Games to be held in December 2018.”

Sports Physiotherapy as well as Sports Nursing is essential for sports in protecting the players not to get injured, to cure the injury and to rehabilitate. The attendees hope to get wider knowledge on sports physiotherapy through sharing among others.

Lecturer, Medical Technology University, Yangon, Saw Mya Soe said “My dissertation is about the ways to cure the ankle sprain to be able to do sport activities again as early as possible. I will share everything I learnt from this seminar to my seniors, juniors, colleagues and students at the university. As the subject, physiotherapy is exceedingly wide; I think we should try harder not to get left behind other countries.”

The “Sports Physiotherapy and Sports Nursing Seminar” is set to be held for 3 days from January 28th to 30th.