Students Compete: To Honour Independence Day

2 January 2018

The Practicing High School of Yangon Institute of Education began a sports competition on Tuesday to honour Independence Day falling on the 4th of January.

The competition came with the cooperation of the headmistress, physical education teacher as well as teachers from each grade.

Headmistress, Practicing High School, Yangon Institute of Education, Dr. Moe Thu said “It is not good that students are only studying. The students who do sports get mature earlier than those who don’t. Students shouldn’t only study which makes them selfish persons. Those who do sports have empathy, teamwork and leadership skills.”

Students from Grade-1 to Grade-10 have participated in the competition. A total of 10 prizes will be awarded to each grade. The competition consists of Myanmar traditional games such as 50-meter walk with book on head, jumping in bag and many others.

Physical Education Teacher, Practicing High School, Yangon Institute of Education, Nan Ngway Kyi said “The competition can help the students enjoy themselves. All students are allowed to participate in any types of competition. The one who doesn’t win a prize in a type of competition can join another one.”

Student, Practicing High School, Yangon Institute of Education, Ei Nyein Chan Po said “I’m a Grade-3 student. I won the second prize in 50-meter run. I am very happy as I didn’t expect to win.”

This 2-day competition is set to be held till Wednesday.