Talented Golfers: 18 Years Old Myanmar Golfer Ranked World No.1 Junior Golfer

10 January 2018

Myanmar young golfer Hein Sithu ranked No.1 at the World Junior Golf.

Five golfers from Myanmar including Hein Sithu competed in the 2017 American Junior Golf tournament from December 28 to 30. 

18 year old Sithu grabbed No.1 World Junior Golf ranking with 360.00 points after working hard for three years. 

WORLD JUNIOR GOLFER, HEIN SITHU said “This is the very tough competition for me so I tried the best and I prepared everything I need before the competition. I really love playing golf. I got many international experiences from the other competitors. I competed with American golfer; he is very talented golfer that I ever met. Such a tour like this can raise my skills. I am very happy being the world number one junior golfer so I will try to become the professional.”

Myanmar golfers arrived back in Yangon on Tuesday, and they were welcomed by the officials from the Myanmar Golf Federation.

CHAIRMAN, MYANMAR GOLF FEDERATION, KO KO AYE said “As the golf federation, I am very proud of him because this is the landmark in history of golf industry. We believe that we will select the best youth golfer to give a chance to participate in international competition. We aim to promote playing golf in the country and to nurture professional golfers also.”

This year’s tournament featured many of the top juniors in the world. 34 boys and 14 girls between the ages of 12 to 19 from 20 different countries, including five from Myanmar joined the tournament.