UK supermarkets recall contaminated egg products

13 August 2017

Following British media's reporting that up to 700,000 contaminated eggs have entered the UK. Several UK chain supermarkets have recalled contaminated egg products. It is confirmed that the contaminated eggs, which contain the toxic substance Fipronil, have already entered 15 EU countries, as well as Switzerland and China's Hong Kong.

Australian tourist , Anna said "So, when I saw the article in the paper today, I said to my husband 'well, I'm not eating eggs, again, while I'm here.' Because obviously it seems to me that most of the eggs are imported into England from Europe. So, you would hope that there's pretty good control, but maybe there's not, we don't know."

Based on the investigation by the UK's Egg Industry, most contaminated eggs have already been made into salads or mayonnaise, which are being sold on the market. In a famous UK chain supermarket, eggs of various brands and prices are still placed on the shelf.