Unhappy Canada says U.S. aims to weaken other NAFTA members

14 February 2018

Canada's chief negotiator at talks to modernize NAFTA said yesterday that the United States aimed to weaken Canada and Mexico. He said the talks had achieved little progress on major issues so far. He also complained about the inflexibility of U.S. negotiators. His comment reflected the enormous challenge facing officials working on renewing the $1.2 trillion pact by early April.   

CANADA'S CHIEF NEGOTIATOR, STEVE VERHEUL said  "Well I don't think we have any choice but to continue to stay at the table and continue to put forward Canadian ideas Canadian paths forward and continue to impress upon the U.S. this cannot be a winner takes all agreement that we all have to see benefits coming out of this and otherwise, you know, there's there's not going to be a lot in this from Canada or from Mexico if the benefits go to the U.S."