Union Parliament: Parliament's Decision Sought, Laws & Bills Recorded And Loans Discussed

19 March 2018

The union parliament convenes its 16th day of 7th regular session on Monday. During the session, the parliament recorded Myanmar Investment Laws and appointment of Rakhine State minister for Development Affairs.

Next, the parliament decision was sought to ratify the bill on the registration of deeds sent with the remarks of the President. The joint bill committee read the report on draft laws for the Wildlife, Flora & Fauna and Sanctuaries Conservation.

The concerned members of union level organizations clarified the allocation of 6.426 billion kyats from the emergency fund contained in the union budget law 201, taking out 4.5 billion Thai Baths of loan from Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency-NEDA by the ministry of construction for the development of Dawei Special Economic Zone sent by the president, the matter on the findings, comments and report of joint bill committee and the principle discussions of the representatives regarding with the Union Tax Bill 2018, 80 million loan to take out from Asian Development Bank-ADB by the ministry of construction for the urban development project along the corridor of Great Mekhong sub-region.

The parliament representatives discussed the matter on taking out 22 million Euros of loan and 5 million grants from the French Development Agency for the general renovation works of national health x-ray department and capacity building works.

The concerned members of union level organizations clarified the US $360 million loan from Asian Development Bank and ASEAN Infrastructure Fund for the development of roads in the Greater Mekong Sub-region by the Ministry of Construction, sent by the President.