Urban Movement: Biggest Skate And BMX Competition To Be Held In April

27 February 2018

The biggest Skate and BMX competition in Myanmar is scheduled to be held on the 1st of April.

The Competition named “Urban Movement” will be organized by NESCAFE in collaboration with Myanmar Skate Association and Myanmar BMX Association.

It aims to fulfill the dreams and ambitions of next generations who love Skate and BMX.

President, Myanmar Skate Association, Lwin Latt said “There are 10 kinds of Skate in the competition. This competition is only for local skaters of over 18. I think over 250 skaters will take part in competition. We will also perform skate demonstration in March.  Any enthusiasts can download the registration forms at our facebook page before March 25.”

BMX is one of the popular sports among young people, and the bikers hope to facility assistance to meet the international standard.

Chairman, Myanmar BMX Association, Naing Ye Aung said “Our association started in 2015 and now has over 100 members. I think 10 Bikers will take part in competition. We will choose the best two bikers from the competition to go to broad. We need many supports like technology, venue and others to take part in international competition although this sport is popular among young people in Myanmar.”

The additional activities such as shops that obvious to Yangon lifestyle and drawing graffiti will be included during the competition. The winners will be awarded 500,000 kyat for 1st prize, 400,000 kyat for 2nd prize, 300,000 kyat for 3rd prize respectively. The competition will take place at People Square in Yangon.