Veterans Basketball: 6th ASIAN Veterans Basketball Invitational Tournament Held

5 September 2018

27 basketball teams from eight countries participated in the 6th Asian Veterans Basketball Invitational Tournament was held in Yangon from 1st to 4th of September at Thuwana indoor stadium.

This is the annual tournament and now Myanmar is hosting the 6th Invitational tournament in 2018.

The tournament is aimed to promote the basketball sports and to strengthen the spirit of the elderly veterans from different countries who are passionate about basketball.

Organizer, 6th Asian Veterans Basketball Invitational Tournament, Myint Thein Oo said "... We have 4 categories and we have all 40, 50, 60 and over 40 women teams. We have 8 Myanmar teams participated in this tournament.  We have 8 countries most of them are south east Asian countries. We have first, second and third prizes trophy for the winners…”

The participants’ age limit for the tournament is over 40 years and the tournament is open for both male and female players.

CLS Indonesia basketball team was defeated Great wall club Mandalay team at the final match with 54 and 38 total marks. 

Winner, CLS Indonesia Team, Widarta boentara said “…We are from Indonesia and we go to play have fun. And thank god we got the champion. This is the first time in Yangon in Myanmar we got the champion…”

One of Myanmar players said, “it’s very vital to keep on playing basketball, continuously, since young age. They also gained experiences from the winner teams. Continuous practice makes them better.

Member, Great wall club Mandalay, Than Htwe said “Even though this is the first experience for our club, we got many experiences during the tournament. We played with Indonesia team at the final match. Players are in quite combination. So, this was the great match for all of us.”

The 5thAsian Veterans Basketball Invitational Tournament was held in Indonesia last year.

The dinner reception and prize awarding ceremony was held at Sky Star Hotel for the players from 8 countries.