Vovinam Championship: 17 Countries Including Myanmar Participate In It

7 August 2017

5th World Vovinam Championship 2017 was held in New Delhi of Indian from 3rd to 5th of August and Myanmar Vovinma Association stands at top 7 among 17 participant countries. 

Myanmar joined Vovinam Championship for the first time and got Silver medal among 18 countries.

TEAM COACH, MYANMAR VOVINAM ASSOCIATION, KHIN LAY MON said “I’m very proud of my children and my country. There are many countries joined in the vivonam tournament. They were trained only 3 hours a day and they had no enough time to practice but they have won the Silver medal and can stand at top 7th among the 17 countries. I’m very happy for them.”

Myanmar athlete who won medal in the Dual Knife Form expressed her views on Vovinma tournament.

WINNER, DUAL KNIFE FORM, KHAING WAR PHOO said “I was playing this Vovinma tournament since it was introduced in Myanmar. The Vovinam is really difficult to play but I like it…I’m very happy to bring back good news to our country. We have faced many challenges during the competition. For me, the good challenges are the new experiences.”

Vietnam and 17 other countries jointed in this Vovinam tournament.