Warner Bros brings "IT" horror house to Hollywood

24 August 2017

A haunted house, which suddenly appeared on a parking lot on Hollywood Boulevard, has become a sensation with residents of Los Angeles. The attraction, created by Warner Bros to promote the upcoming Stephen King horror film "IT".

ON-SITE PRODUCTION MANAGER, D.W. MCCANN said "We've had people come out screaming, we've had people run out, you know all levels of it, which is great. Some people have come out with just a smile on their face which tells me they enjoyed it. Whether or not it scared them or whether the details inside amazed them. There's a lot of delicate details being paid attention to by the artistic director of this project."

They allows visitors to get a taste of what to expect from the film - mainly in the shape of demonic clowns. The attraction will continue until the film's release in the US on September 8.