Water Summit: 3rd Asia-Pacific Water Summit Was Held At Sedona Hotel, Yangon

11 December 2017

The opening ceremony of 3rd Asia-Pacific water summit was held at Sedona hotel, Yangon, Myanmar on Monday. At the ceremony, state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivered the opening remarks. Then, the president of Asia-Pacific Water Forums delivered the welcoming speech.

Later, the Moderator Dr. Yumiko Yasuda introduced to the panel. After the state counsellor, vice president U Henry Van Thio and the heads of government in Asia, Pacific Region and Heads of non – government institutions posed for the documentary group photo.

Later, the keynote speeches are delivered by the Chairman of National Water Resource Committee, the Republic of the Union Myanmar, Heads of Government in Asia,  Pacific Region and  Heads of non – government institutions.

The 3rd Asia-Pacific water summit will be held for 2 days from 11th to 12 Decembers with the objectives of setting out a course for the sustainable development of the Asia-Pacific region with a perspective on water, providing and sharing concrete actions, solutions, innovation toward trans boundary and multi-partnership cooperation for integrated water resources management, water-based economy and implementation of globally agreed agendas.