Workers Rally: Thousands Demand Increase In Daily Wage

13 August 2017

Thousands of workers from factories of Hlaingthaya, Thanlyin, Pathein and Bago   took to the streets in Hlaingthaya on Sunday, demanding an increase to daily wage.  

National Committee for Designating Minimum Wage issued a notification No.2/2015, designating daily minimum wage of 3,600 kyats for 8 working hours. It came into effect as of the 1st of September in 2015.

Today in Hlaingthaya, about 2000 factories workers led by All Myanmar trade union network are calling for a daily wage of 5,600 kyats and other demands from the respective departments and officials.

Leading Committee Member, Myanmar Trade Union Network, Hla Hla said “We have 5 demands – daily minimum wage of 5,600 kyats, social welfare housing apartments, actions against employers braking rules and regulations, free and fair rights for workers and employee organizations. We’ll keep demanding from the government.”

Generally, the basic level employees’ salary is about 120,000 kyats a month. According to the law, overtime payment is to double the hourly rate. But, some industries don’t obey the law, employee Yin Yin Htwe said.

Employee, Yin Yin Htwe said “Daily minimum wage of 3,600 kyats does not include overtime payment. It’s not enough now as commodity prices have increased. We expect an increase in salary. We will keep calling for it as much as we can in line with the rules.”

Myanmar has been eyed as a new destination for manufacturing industry, but it still faces difficulties, including minimum wage issue.