Wushu Competition: Inter-School Tournament In Yangon

27 August 2017

Inter-school Wushu competition held in Yangon for the students from basic education schools. Myanmar Wushu Federation organized the competition for two days.

The idea is about to seek and collect talented new generation Wushu enthusiasts by holding such a kind of event.

Basic education schools are the main spots for the human resource development especially future athletes can mostly emerge, the Myanmar Wushu Federation said.

JOINT SECRETARY, MYANMAR WUSHU FEDERATION, KHIN SOE said “Professional Wushu players nowadays were emerged from basic education schools. So it becomes our priority of seeking future professional players by holding such kind of event. Schools are the places where we can seek them, I believe.”

About 120 students of basic education schools from 17 townships in Yangon Region took part in the competition. Every contestant has to play 3 types of Wushu such as handfree, and swords.

Competitions also divided into two, based on the contestants’ years of experiences such as under two years and above.

CONTESTANT, GRADE -5 (B.E.M.S-1, DAGON), AUNG KAUNG MOE said “When I came back from the school and tuition, I use to go for practices. I have been playing Wushu since last year’s summer. Playing Wushu makes me happy and healthy.”

Parents like Tin Tin Moe seem willing to support her son Aung Kaung Moe playing Wushu. She said Wushu sport helps him in building mentally and physically healthy living.

PARENT, TIN TIN MOE said “He is very motivated and happy as he got prizes. As he is really interested on it, I'll keep supporting as much as he can. Besides, I will take care and manage for his academic education as well.”

This is the third time that the interschool competition was organized by the Federation. Last activities were also held in 2009, 2010 and 2014 respectively.