Yunnan Art Exhibition: 30 Art Works Of Famous Artists From Yunnan Displayed

13 June 2018

The opening ceremony of “Beautiful Yunnan- Art Work Exhibition of Yunnan Artists kicked off at China Cultural Center in Yangon on Wednesday.

This is the very first exhibition by displaying the creation of 30 art works of famous artists from Yunnan Province at the Myanmar China Cultural Center.

The theme of these works cover figures, landscapes, flowers and birds, showing the geographical features, ethnic customs and the achievements after 40-year reform and opening up of Yunnan.

Speaker, Yangon Region Parliament, Tin Maung Tun said “This exhibition mainly highlighted the cultural exchange between Myanmar and China and our two countries have the similar culture. So, the local artists can observe the art works of Chinese artists through this exhibition because all these creation describes the nature and beautiful scenery from China-Myanmar border as well as the lifestyle of ethnic people living across the border.”

Meanwhile, the Myanmar China Cultural Center is a platform for cultural exchange between China and Myanmar and also is a window showing Chinese culture.

Ambassador, Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, H.E. Hong Liang said “…Actually there are a lot of art works here is people to people exchange program between Yunnan and Myanmar because as you know we share long border between Yunnan and Myanmar especially with the Shan State and Kachin State and we have a lot of ethnic people living across the border so this is the same culture, same habits so there are brothers and sisters.. that's a real purpose actually so these art works just a demonstrate we have a very strength culture bondage between our two peoples.”

The meticulous brushwork and freehand brushwork are hoped to promote cultural exchange and cooperation among peers with Myanmar’s artists and to enhance the friendship between the two peoples through this exhibition.

The exhibition also hopes to promote mutual relation as well as the common development of culture and art between Myanmar and China.

Director, Yunnan Fine Art Museum, Luo Jiang said “All these art works describes the long history and friendship of the two countries. So, the exhibition will help to enhance the friendship between the two peoples of China and Myanmar. We- the artists are also trying to promote the culture exchange and cooperation with Myanmar artists.”

The exhibition is hosted by Department of Culture of Yunnan Province and China Cultural Center in Yangon and undertaken by Foreign Liaison Division under the Department of Culture of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Painting Academy and Yunnan Fine Art Museum.