4th-Yr Performances: CBM/MUGO Addressed The Issues In The Press Briefings

16 June 2020
2020-06-16 13:28

The Ministry of Union Government Office, the Ministry of Construction and the Central Bank of Myanmar presented their 4th-year performances in press briefings in Nay Pyi Taw on 15th June.

During the occasion, Deputy Minister for Union Government Office U Tin Myint answered the raised question about administrative sectors in Rakhine State.

According to his address, the ward and village administrators resigned due to the violence against them including arresting, interrogating, beating and even killing some of them by terrorist insurgent groups during the conflicts happening in the region.

But some administrators support foodstuffs and cash assistance to the insurgent groups declared as terrorist groups by the government. So, the government is implementing to take action to those administrators in line with the Counter-Terrorism Law.

Also, the government is carrying out substitution appointment for the vacant positions of administrator in line with the ward and village tract administration law. The substitution appointment process is going step by step by forming supervising committee.

Under the instruction of the government, Rakhine State government is also rebuilding administrative sector systematically in line with the law as soon as prevailing assurance of security in the region and providing necessary assistance to the internally displaced people. 

Likewise, Deputy Governor for the Central Bank of Myanmar U Soe Min explained on printing additional banknotes with the image of Bogyoke Aung San within this government’s term.

In his address, the printing additional banknotes will make for all current denominations including the banknotes of 500 kyats, 1000 kyats and 10000 kyats. It is also learnt that the fully circulation will be made across the country although there are some limits in the initial stage.

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